Midlands Youth Climbing Series 2015


A summary of the MY Series

I have just completed the Midlands Youth Climbing Series 2015, competing in Girls D for the first time.  There were five rounds this year, which was one more than last year, but this time the lowest scoring round was to be dropped.  We competed at Wolf Mountain, Creation, Alter Rock, Big Rock and The Climbing Station (but not in that order).  Big Rock was definitely the oddest round because one route was set on their new indoor grit wall.  This meant that all the features were in for hands and feet, and I flashed it, but my fingers got pretty sore!

There were nine girls in my category altogether, although they didn’t all come to all the rounds.  I won each round, sometimes 25 points ahead of second place, but sometimes just 3!  I had a great time, and it was nice to make some new friends in this new category.


Midlands Youth Climbing Series 2014


Topping Route 2 at Alter Rock

There were four rounds of the Midlands Youth (MY) series this year. We started at Creation, then had a bouldering-only round at The Climbing Station, which was cool!

Big Rock was next, and we finished at Alter Rock on 1st Feb. I won each round and was really pleased with my scores.



Great trophy!