The past year

The past year has, I think, been brilliant.

At the begining of 2015 I won the MY series and qualified for the national finals.  I came 15th in my new category and had fun with my friends, Kirsty, Isla, Gwen, Hannah and Emma.

I am doing the comps this year as well, but my goals have changed.  As I’m now really quite small in my category  I have decided to climb more dynamically, jump and not be scared to fall off.  I go, have fun and smile.  I will still always try my hardest, of course, no matter where I come.

I have been outside a lot this year, here is where I went:

  • Churnet Valley
  • Burbage South
  • Stanage Plantation
  • The Roaches
  • Raven Tor
  • Horseshoe Quarry

At Horseshoe Quarry, I did my first outdoor lead – Like ice, like fire 6a. Doing that route I felt scared lots of times,mostly when clipping. All I had to do was swallow my fear and just believe that I was safe, which sounds easy when you say it like that, but trust me, it’s not. The exhilaration when I clipped the last clip was overwhelming.  I couldn’t help shouting out, YES!!!

Not all trips have to be tough and wreck your fingers, my example is my trip to The Roaches. This wasn’t  exactly the most hard core trip that I’ve ever had.  I went with my club – TYCC – and just had fun. We climbed up some rock faces and then camped there for a night. BBQ food and films were enough to send us all to the land of dreams as soon as we got into our sleeping bags. It was  loads of fun and great to be with my friends from TYCC, we even saw a calf taking its first steps and named it Gunter. 🙂





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