Summer Bouldering!

I have climbed a lot over summer, and some of that has been the bouldering league at The Depot, Nottingham, and the Junior Bouldering Competition at The Climbing Station, Loughborough. The Junior Bouldering Circuit at The Station was set by Tom Randall, and included problems from V0-V6.  I was very pleased to crack 18 out of the 20 problems, and was particularly pleased with topping number 19, which was a V6.  There’s a short little video from the circuit here:

I placed 2nd in the under 12s, losing out to my friend Jaimin Metcalf, who did brilliantly! Climbing StationI took part in four out of the five rounds at The Depot, Nottingham, and won the female 7-11 category.  The final round was a great event, with free pizza and lots of climbers.  I even won a raffle prize!! IMG_3610

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